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Course Guides

Aerial Photography & Illustrative graphic options

Combine our design creativity with breath-taking aerial drone images, and we have the skills to create photographic or illustrative course guides that are highly accurate, to scale and properly represent your course in all its glorious detail.

Include advertising space to help fund it and promote all other services at your venue. These course guides effectively become your brochure and are fabulous ‘keep-sakes’ for visitors, as well as being highly effective income generators for your venue.

Aerial Photography Course Guides

Our innovative Aerial Photographic Course Guides are produced using the latest software and drone technology; 1000’s of ‘birds-eye’ view photographs are stitched together to create an Orthomosaic map of each hole.

This technique results in more detailed and sharper images than Google Earth or any 3D CGI image, and there are no graphical enhancements apart from colour grading. The Aerial Photographs have in-built GPS points so they are 100% accurate, exact and perfectly to scale.

Using the software, we can accurately measure any points within the photo, for example, from any part of the hole to the front, middle and back of the green, or from the tee to a certain bunker, stream, lake or tree. It is a highly accurate measurement technique.

Ball Trajectory Aerial Photographic Course Guides

To produce these we shoot vertical panoramic images with the drone hovering at 100 metres; we take between 3 and 6 images tilting the camera from near vertical to horizontal and then stitch those images together to create the vertical panoramic of each shot. All images are 4K quality so every little detail can be captured